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Jul 24 2012

GPS Tracking Bracelet Review

Real-Time GPS Tracker For Personal Safety

The technology market continues to advance and evolve, resulting in the production and manufacturing of multiple products that make our lives easier and safer. One of these products that recently caught the attention of our GPS tracking system experts is a product known as the Senior GPS Bracelet, a real-time GPS tracker designed specifically for personal monitoring. With such a buzz surrounding the tracker fashioned as a wristwatch, GPS Tracking Review decided to bring the device in for a thorough testing and product evaluation.

Product Claims According To Tracking System Direct:

Senior GPS Bracelet is the ideal personal monitoring solution for families concerned that a elderly loved one could wander or become lost due to memory-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. The lightweight device offers two-way voice communication, geographical fencing, panic SOS alerts and live real-time locational updates on where a senior, child or anyone wearing the bracelet is at.

Putting The Features To The Test

Geographical Fencing: One of the key selling points of the GPS tracking bracelet is a feature that allows a user to set a virtual boundary over a satellite imaging program. When this boundary is crossed a text message or email alert is transmitted to the emergency contact. After a person receives and activates their GPS bracelet all they have to do is login to the Internet-based mapping program and create a geographical fence in the desired location. The process of creating and moving geo-fences was actually very simple to do, and the accuracy of the alerts was impressive. During the testing, within seconds of a geo-fence being crossed an alert was sent out. This is very important for families with Autistic children or seniors with Alzheimer’s who may wander off. Continue Reading »

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Jun 18 2012

SilverCloud Sync: New Fleet Tracking Hardware

Putting SilverCloud Sync Tracker To The Test

The global marketplace is always bringing new real-time GPS trackers to consumers and businesses. Some of these new innovations fizzle out quickly, while others become technological darlings of the gadget world. For every iPad that revolutionizes the market, there are hundreds of products such as the Microsoft Kin or Google TV. The writers at GPS Tracking Review are in no way saying the Microsoft Kin or Google TV are bad products, but simply stating they never lived up to their hype, falling far below consumer expectations. That is why when review and technology websites began blogging extensively about a new GPS monitoring device called the SilverCloud Sync Tracker, the experts at GPS Tracking Review decided this was a device that needed to be investigated and reviewed.

Popular Features Of SilverCloud Sync Tracker

  • Real-Time GPS Monitoring Solution
  • Updates As Fast As Every 5 Seconds
  • Simply Plug-In To On Board Diagnostics Port
  • Online Based Satellite Mapping Program
  • Lifetime Access To Past Driving Records
  • Automobile Idling Documentation
  • Speed, Low-Battery & Geo-Fence Alerts

How The SilverCloud Sync Tracker Works

SilverCloud Sync Tracker is a real-time GPS tracker that connects directly to the On Board Diagnostics Port of any automobile. The monitoring device pulls power from the battery of the target vehicle, and offers a tamper warning alert to notify fleet managers if a driver is trying to manipulate the device. Once the device is connected to the target vehicle the GPS data is transmitted to a LandAirSea server where the user can access the position of the automobile in real-time. This GPS data is also stored for life on the server, giving users the ability to access historical driving records of employees. With a web-based platform utilizing Google Earth and Google Maps, the SilverCloud Sync Tracker data can be viewed from any personal computer, Mac operating system, smart phone or tablet device with Internet connection.

Claims & Specifications

The vehicle management specialists at GPS Tracker Shop claim the SilverCloud Sync Tracker is the ideal solution for fleet management and monitoring applications. They state that the device is user-friendly enough for consumer use, but powerful enough to meet the stringent requirements of massive fleet operations.

Dimensions 1.8″ wide; 2.18″ long; 1.08″ deep
Operating Temperature -30°C to 75°C (-22°F to 158°F)
Power Source 9-17 volt (OBD-II Port)
Typical full-power current 70mAh at 12 volts DC
GSM Channels 850/1900 (United States) 900/1800 (Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East)
Communication Protocol GPRS (UDP), SMS
Update Frequency Based on service plan:

  • 5 second updates
  • 10 second updates
  • 1 min updates
  • 5 min updates
Historical Playback Unlimited historical playback stored at server
Reporting Individual vehicle report, enhanced vehicle report, start/stop report, mileage and more
Diagnostics Blinking LED, SMS or TCP diagnostic messages

Testing The SilverCloud Sync Tracker

Secure Attachment

The first thing tested was the easy plug-in connection of the device to an On-Board Diagnostics computer system of a target vehicle. Initial skeptical thoughts by the team were that the tracker would be loosely connected, causing the device to fall from the OBD port. However, the team was shocked by how snug and secure the SilverCloud Sync Tracker attached to the OBD Port during testing. The experts at GPS Tracking Review can confirm that the SilverCloud Sync Tracker firmly and securely connects to the OBD Port of a vehicle with ease.

Web-Based Monitoring & Accuracy

One of the very first things that stuck out in a positive way about the SilverCloud Sync Tracker was that the device did not require any software to download. Web-based interfaces are the most user-friendly for both consumers and businesses regardless of tech-savvy expertise. Although some security professionals suggest web-based platforms are not as secure as software-based platforms, the SilverCloud Sync Tracker combats that notion by being one of the only real-time systems with its own dedicated, encrypted and secure servers created to protect personal GPS tracking system data.

After viewing the live tracking locational information, it was clear that the SilverCloud Sync Tracker data was very accurate and reliable. All reported locations were a spot on (including addresses), and the speeds traveled were also precise. However, what really stood out to the experts at GPS Tracking Review was the simplicity of the web-based platform. The control panel was very simple to understand, generating reports was easy, and a live chat option was available to provide 24/7 technical assistance to anyone with questions. The web-based interface also provided a hybrid satellite image, 2D view and 3D view using a free download Google Earth plug-in. Not to mention, the vehicle driving reports were both simple and detailed, depending on the user’s preference.

Alert Notifications

Both the speed alert and virtual boundary alert features were activated during testing, and both quickly reported the moment the vehicle being tested exceeded the pre-set 70mph speed alert, and left the pre-designated geographical area.

Overall Performance

The SilverCloud Sync Tracker is one of the best real-time fleet tracking devices on the market tested by GPS Tracking Review specialists. The device is accurate, reliable, easy to use and affordable (GPS Tracker Shop currently has the device on sale for $219.00 per unit). The monthly data plan options range from $19.95 for unlimited updates every 5 minutes to $49.95 for unlimited updates every 5 seconds. All of the claims produced by GPS Tracker Shop were tested, and the experts at GPS Tracking Review have to admit that the claims were not smoke and mirrors, actually having merit.


Pro Cons
 Affordable real-time tracking       hardware & data plans. Accurate, reliable & great support. User-friendly web-based platform.  No ability to covertly hide GPS tracker on a vehicle.

Overall 5-star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Tested Element Result
Software: Rating includes features, accessibility, user set up, multiple device management, test reports, historical playback, alerts & more.
Accuracy and performance: Rating includes live updating, location accuracy, network coverage, placements in vehicles, international ability, battery life & power consumption.
Appearance: External design, water-proofing, magnet strength, durability, weather resistance, buttons, lighting and aesthetics.
User-Friendliness: ease of use, learning curve, instruction manual, quick start guide, activation, device set up, hardware and software friendliness.



Although this GPS tracking system was clearly designed for fleet management and business monitoring applications, the web-based interface is simple enough for any consumer GPS application. Not to mention, the GPS tracker cost is in the budget of most everyday families. SilverCloud Sync Tracker is a well-designed, accurate fleet tracker device that can surely help any company with a desire to gain additional oversight of employee driving activity or reduce fuel consumption. The product delivers at a high level and is definitely within the price range of anyone seeking a solid fleet tracking system at a reasonable cost.

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Aug 03 2011

SPOT II Review: Don’t Look Further for Personal Tracking


The SPOT 2 is a satellite GPS messenger and the second generation of the very successful SPOT (considered the first satellite messenger). The SPOT 2 offers the same worldwide tracking ability thanks to the two networks on which It operates: the standard GPS satellite network and SPOT’s own network. The SPOT II has five powerful functions that give you customizable options for greater comfort and security during all your travels around the world.

They come as follows:

SOS/911: This function is triggered by the push of a button, which immediately notifies your predetermined emergency contacts. This function should only be used during situations where your life is in danger. Your specific coordinates will be sent to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center every five minutes for as long as the SPOT II is active or until you press the SOS button again.

Help: The difference with the aforementioned function is that this button is meant to be used in dangerous but non-emergency situations. Your coordinates are sent via text and email to your pre-selected personal emergency contact that you can set on the online account linked to the device. The message will be sent every five minutes for up to an hour or until you cancel it by pressing the button again.

Check-in/OK: Use this function to let people (up to 10 different contacts) know that you are okay. The SPOT will send a standard message featuring a link to your location on Google Maps.

Custom message: Just like the previous function, your contacts will receive a message and your location on the press of this button. However, you can here write in advance any personalized message that you want to communicate.

Track Progress: This is probably the most advanced function as it enables your pre-determined contacts to track your progress in real-time on Google Maps. Your device communicates your position at regular intervals so as to be visualized on Google Maps. It also saves a tracking history of your whereabouts.

The SPOT II was designed to propose great security and comfort to its user. Now let’s see if it also lives up to our expectations. Continue Reading »

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