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GPS Tracking Review is a website dedicated to giving the consumer up to date information on the latest in GPS tracking technologies. We test and review all forms of GPS tracking systems—both real time systems and passive data loggers. Whether you are in a business and wish to track your employees’ whereabouts or simply want to keep tabs on your loved ones, GPS Tracking Review will help you determine what’s available on the market today, and provide a better understanding of how to meet your GPS tracking needs for your business and/or personal life.

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking uses a system of satellites orbiting the earth to find an approximate placement of the receiver within a few meters of its actual location. These systems are known for their accuracy and reliability and can generally give you a precise reading within a few feet of your position.


Feb 04 2015

GPS Tracking Key 2 Product Review

Tracking Key 2 Takes Passive Market To New Level

GPS Tracking Key 2

Recently our editors at GPS Tracking Review were informed about by a Southern California GPS provider by the name of Tracking System Direct that one of the most popular data loggers of all-time was getting a makeover. They sent us the in the product and after anxiously awaiting for the device to arrive, we tested the tracker known as GPS Tracking Key 2. But before we talk about this new data logger let us first give you a little information on its predecessor.

The original GPS Tracking Key debuted on the market nearly a decade ago and continued to be successful due to its simplicity: a small tracker that recorded historical driving activity and could then provide that information by simple USB download to a computer. In fact, our GPS Tracking Review editors did a write-up on the tracking device in 2008. Although the device was great it had a handful of flaws that our team was able to identify but overall the unit was great for vehicle tracking. Fast forward to today and many of the shortcomings of this GPS data logger have not only been addressed but have been improved quite impressively upon our examination. So let’s get right into the GPS Tracking Key 2 review!

Online Software

Mac Compatible GPS Tracker

The biggest complaint our team had back in 2008 during the original Tracking Key review was that the tracking system required a CD of software that needed to be downloaded to personal computer before the tracking data could be reviewed. The problem we had was not transferring the data from device to computer but rather that the system did NOT support Mac operating systems. This is what impressed us most out the gate about the new GPS Tracking Key 2: the device can work with personal computers or Apple computing systems that have USB ports! However, it did not stop there because GPS Tracking Key 2 also provided a new online software that utilized Google Maps in a new and different way to provide a more user-friendly method of viewing the data. LandAirSea, the online software provider, even offers cloud storage options for those who want to keep tracking data secure for long periods of time. This option is also great for people who were worried that the tracking data on their computer could be found by an employee or cheating spouse.


What is cool about GPS Tracking Key 2 is that the engineers kept the sleek and simple design the same as the original version. The USB drive on the device makes it easy to plug the device into a computer to access historical tracking data and the surface magnetic mount is awesome for covertly placing the GPS tracker on belly of a target car. The device still does not make any noises which is fantastic for those engaged in covert tracking applications, and the simple low-battery LED light can be covered with something as crude as a piece of electrical tape if the user wants to also have the illuminated lights blacked out. The only thing we still dislike is that the car tracking device does not come included with a small screwdriver to access the battery door compartment. The tiny screws are a little pain and it is not that easy finding a small screwdriver. A back clip similar to that of the GPS Tracking Key Pro would be a much better design. However, we will say that when our GPS tracking experts asked the manufacturer about this they stated that design was to enhance water protection capabilities. Therefore, it does serve a functional purpose.

GPS Tracking Data

GPS Tracking Key 2 provided a wealth of data from addresses arrived, addresses the motorist departed, speed driven, max speed, mileage and more. The information provided by the micro tracker is more than enough to help a business determine if a driver is misusing company vehicles, falsifying time sheets or doing side work. Not to mention, for consumer applications such as teen driving safety so parents can make certain their kids are not driving too fast or going to places they should not be going. The data can also be saved to a personal computer or through the online web-server via cloud storage on a secure off-site system. This is very helpful for people who do not want GPS tracking applications on their desktop or for government agencies wanting a secure place to house sensitive GPS data related to an investigation.

GPS Tracking Key 2

Overall Conclusion

This is a great device considering the cost of $169.00 where it can be purchased online. The device may not provide live GPS tracking data and the tiny screwdriver needed to open the battery door compartment are certainly small drawbacks but the advantages significantly outweigh that. We love the online software and are pretty certain this is the only GPS data logger on the market that offers such services online review of personal tracking data, secure cloud storage of GPS tracking data and a solution that works with both PC and Mac systems. Overall we would recommend this device to anyone looking to track a vehicle who does not want to pay monthly fees for a real-time device. Great unit. Great support (which is available at no cost 24/7 for the life of the product). And great tracker! This is why we give the tracker a total rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 stars

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Aug 18 2014

SilverCloud Tag Review

GPS Personal Tracker Designed For Child Safety


Although vehicle tracking devices designed for fleet management have dominated the GPS tracking industry over the past decade, the engineers at LandAirSea Systems believe a new GPS solution called SilverCloud Tag will open the market up to a wider array of personal tracking applications. According to the manufacturer’s website, SilverCloud Tag is a device that can provide real-time data that is helpful in teen driving applications, but also designed small enough to be placed in a backpack or pocket. This unique design has the manufacturer believing it will open the doors for less common monitoring applications such as child tracking. With the manufacturer claim suggesting SilverCloud Tag provides the type of versatility that can assist businesses and families increase security, the experts at GPS Tracking Review were looking forward to a comprehensive evaluation and review of the personal GPS device.

SilverCloud Tag Features:

    • One Minute Or 30 Second Data Plan Options
    • Compact Size
    • Real-Time GPS Updates & Alerts
  • User Friendly Online Software


First Impressions Of SilverCloud Tag

Upon receiving SilverCloud Tag the first observation was the pocket-sized housing and sleek design. Clearly, this GPS tracking system was engineered so a person could carry the device with ease or covertly place the tracker on a vehicle/asset. The compact size would easily allow a user to hide the GPS tracker in a purse, vehicle glove box, knapsack or random compartment of a vehicle. Here are the exact dimensions of SilverCloud Tag:

GPS Activation

All real-time GPS tracking devices transmit data and therefore require a data plan. A couple good things about SilverCloud Tag is that service plans are month-to-month (no contracts are ALWAYS a plus) and each data plan option provides UNLIMITED updates. The faster the update interval the higher the cost of the data plan. For the testing process GPS Tracking Review selected a one minute data plan at a reasonable rate of $29.95 per month. After the data plan was selected and username + passcode were created it was time to wait for the tracker to be officially activated so it could begin tracking. The activations website stated the process could take up to 24 hours, but took less than 3 hours for GPS Tracking Review.

*Activation was completed online via the manufacturer website.

Beginning The GPS Tracking

With SilverCloud Tag marketed as a personal tracking solution that can assist parents in keeping tabs on their kids, the first test was to put the GPS tracker in the backpack of a middle school student. This student selected to carry the device was a child of one of the GPS Tracking Review team members and was informed to keep the tracker in their backpack for the remainder of the day. What the GPS Tracking Review team saw when SilverCloud Tag was in the backpack placement was a consistent and accurate path showing the student walking to school as well as movements made while on school grounds. In fact, SilverCloud Tag was so accurate it showed the exact classroom the student was in. Clearly, the accuracy of the GPS tracker was on par with the manufacturer claims. Therefore, it was time to move on to the next phase of testing: geo-fencing alerts.

SilverCloud Tag-child

Geo-fence alerts are created when a virtual boundary is selected via the online software. When the GPS device moves outside this geo-fence or safe zone an alert is triggered to the user. This alert can be sent via email or text message. GPS Tracking Review set a geo-fence (very easily it should be noted) that covered the perimeter of the middle school. The goal was for the GPS Tracking Review team to receive instant notification when the student left school grounds. What GPS Tracking Review discovered was the moment the student walked off school grounds the alert was sent within seconds. The alert was accurate, timely and definitely impressive. In fact, the GPS Tracking Review team could see this type of technology being utilized in the future to promote student safety.

Taking SilverCloud Tag On The Road

lthough marketed as a personal GPS solution, the manufacturer totes SilverCloud Tag as being more than capable of handling the vehicle tracking needs of a business or parent concerned about teen driving safety. Therefore, the next and last placement testing was the vehicle of a teen driver. Once again, a family member of the GPS Tracking Review team was selected for this experiment. What was discovered was the SilverCloud Tag performed very well as a pure vehicle tracking device. The tracking system recorded mileage driven throughout the day, how fast the teen driver was traveling and a number of other number crunching stats that would be helpful for a business such mileage by state and more. However, the key attribute of SilverCloud tag as a personal GPS, the small size of the tracker, was a shortcoming when it came to vehicle tracking as the limited battery-life would not be desirable for long-term fleet management applications. Another drawback along the same lines is the device’s power limitations. This is because SilverCloud Tag cannot be hooked up to a cigarette lighter adapter or on board diagnostic port (OBDII).


SilverCloud Tag calls upon a very user-friendly SilverCloud Online mapping software that can provide a real-time monitoring solution for parents who desire to enhance personal safety for kids as they travel back and fourth to school. The GPS system is also an above average vehicle tracking solution as well, although other options might be more appropriate for fleet management applications. Overall the SilverCloud Tag is a good device and certainly provides significant value considering the $199 price point. GPS Tracking Review would recommend this device to users and confidently extends a 4/5 star rating for the GPS tracker.


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Nov 22 2012

S911 Lola GPS Review

GPS Tracker Shop Touts  Mini Personal GPS System

With so many different GPS monitoring solutions on the market capable of doing everything from boosting fleet management to enhancing personal safety, manufacturers, distributors and online readers are always contacting GPS Tracking Review to reinforce or refute claims of GPS device performance. One GPS monitoring device that has built up a buzz over the past year is a system offered through GPS Tracker Shop called the S911 Lola System. According to the product description on the company website, the GPS is the world’s smallest tracker with two-way voice communication and has multiple features designed to increase personal safety. With applications related to senior and child safety on the rise, GPS Tracking Review purchased a S911 Lola System and put the tracker through a rigorous testing and evaluation process to determine how effective the personal monitoring device really was.

S911 Lola System Features & Specs

S911 Lola GPS Arrives

When the S911 Lola arrived, our experts were first very impressed by the product packaging. With so many GPS companies reselling junk units engineered in China or simply putting their domestically developed GPS systems in a cardboard shipping box, the S911 Lola definitely has the appearance of a product with value. However, shiny wrapping paper and a cute box isn’t enough to distract the specialists at GPS Tracking Review.

Before the S911 Lola GPS arrived the device had to be programmed with a panic button number, cell phone number for text message alerts and email address for email alerts. This was one of the very first things the evaluation team felt was a positive because when it comes to personal safety, multiple avenues to alert for assistance are important. Therefore, as soon as the mini tracker battery was charged the first thing tested was the alerting features.

  • Panic Button: when the panic button was pressed during testing it instantly dialed out to the number GPS Tracking Review programmed, allowing the two parties to communicate with one another via speaker phone through the mini tracker.
  • Text Alert: after a geo-fence was created using the online interface, the virtual boundary was intentionally breeched. Within about one minute the programmed cellular number was alerted with notification of the breech via text message.
  • Email alert: the email alert worked as efficiently as the text alert,¬† however the length of time to receive the alert was approximately one minute longer. This more than likely had to do with the transmission of data via email servers, something not related to product efficiency and taken into consideration. Continue Reading »

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